• Welcome to RAD-x


    A pan-European Diagnostic Imaging Operator

  • RAD-x is a platform for the creation

    of a leading pan-European operator

    of medical service companies that are

    active in the fields of diagnostic imaging

    and nuclear medicine.















  • The RAD-x Proposition to Selling Radiologists

    Partnership of radiologists and management based on a division of labour

    Synergies based on central procurement on a European level

    Entrepreneurialism and participation to the value creation by a Pan-European radiology operator

    Management responsibility of radiologists in their local diagnostic centres

    Securing the future of the patient oriented provision of diagnostic imaging services

  • Increase of profitability

    by continuous medical quality improvement.









    RAD-x grows by acquiring successful

    Diagnostic Imaging Centres whose

    radiologists are looking for a solution

    for their succession and who will

    continue operating their practice in

    the collective RAD-x network.


    RAD-x helps secure the future for radiologists through its pan-European operator model with equity participation for the radiologists.




  • Contact

    For further information,

    please contact us:


    Arthur Vogt